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Product : BUSCH Vacuum Systems

Manufactures industrial and commercial vacuum pumps.

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Busch designs and manufactures a wide range of high performance vacuum pumps and systems that are used in many industries around the world. The U.S. facility, established in 1975 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is headquarters for engineering, manufacturing, sales, service, and warehousing, and serves as a network for distributors, representatives, and service centers located throughout the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Busch LLC. is an ISO 9001-2000 registered company, committed to quality vacuum products, customer satisfaction, and prompt after-sales service. Dr. Karl Busch designed the first Busch vacuum pump in 1963 for the meat packaging industry. From that beginning, Busch has grown to become a worldwide leader in vacuum technology with four manufacturing plants and 30 companies worldwide. Busch prides itself in being a problem-solving company that provides solutions to vacuum design challenges all over the world.

Products Offered:
- R 5 Series: Oil Recirculating
- Huckepack: Once-Through-Sealing
- Dolphin: Liquid Ring
- COBRA: Dry Screw
- Mink Pressure or Vacuum: Dry Claw
- Merlin Pressure or Vacuum: Dry Claw
- Seco: Dry Vane

R 5 Operating Principle

Rotation of the pump rotor, which is mounted eccentrically in the pump cylinder, traps entering vapor between rotor vane segments. As rotation continues, vapor is compressed and discharged into the exhaust box. Vapors then pass through several stages of internal oil and mist eliminators to remove 99.9% of lubricating oil from the exhaust. Oil is then returned to the oil reservoir.

Additional features include an automotive type spin-on oil filter, and a built-in inlet anti-suckback valve that prevents the pump from rotating backwards. A built-in gas ballast is available on the RA version, which permits pumping with high water vapor loads [From].

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Sample Vaccums:



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Licensed mechanical contractor #CMC057042 / CMC1249610

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We hold an EPA Universal Certification.

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