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90 Years as a Leader in the Air Compressor Market

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History of Champion Compressors

85 Years as a Leader in the Air Compressor Market

The one word that best describes Champion?s first 85 years is GROWTH. GROWTH?from a small shop in Chicago to a 130,000 square foot facility in Princeton, Illinois with an additional 20,000 square foot assembly and shipping operation in Manteca, California.

GROWTH ?from a small group of engineers to a comprehensive design, manufacturing, sales and support staff.

GROWTH?from the production of basic reciprocating air compressors to an extensive product line that includes two stage compressors up to 30 horsepower, duplex air compressors, oil-less compressors and now rotary screw compressor packages with dryers!

GROWTH?from sales focusing on automotive and farm customers to meeting the needs of a wide range of industrial, commercial, food processing and health care markets. GROWTH?in the future? Exporting to a worldwide base of customers that continues to expand.

Champion was founded March 19, 1919 by Fred and George Rayfield. The brothers were quick to take advantage of the rapidly expanding technology of the internal combustion engine. Early Champion innovations include the opposed piston compressor known as the ?Type K?, and the ?Unimated? cylinder design combining an aluminum die casting for improved heat transfer and a cast-in iron sleeve for durability.

What's New at Champion? Advancements in Technology:

Champion now manufactures an improved oil-less compressor that has become the company?s fastest growing product line. Oil-less compressors offer Champion the opportunity to serve markets such as medical, dental, pharmaceutical laboratories and food processing.

Champion?s rotary screw compressors complement a complete service line for the automotive aftermarket. Additionally, Champion offers a complete line of compressor aftermarket products that include lubricants, belts, filters and other replacement parts. Champion?s acquisition in 1998 by Gardner Denver has strengthened its overall product line for a continuing heritage of another 85 years providing quality products and service.

Reciprocating Compressors



Vacuum Systems:

Lubricated Rotary Vane and Oil-Free Claw Style Vacuum Packages



Lubricated Compressors:

- R-Series 1-35?hp Splash Lubricated Industrial Compressors Available in Single and Two-Stage.
- Advantage Series 5-25?hp Splash Lubricated R Series Compressors Designed and Assembled with the Most Popular Options
- PL-Series 3-35?hp Pressure Lubricated Air Compressors Capable of Pressures up to 250 psi
- Centurion II Series 5-15?hp 100% Cast Iron Industrial Two-Stage Air Compressors
- Value Plus 3-15?hp 100% Cast Iron Single and Two-Stage Air Compressor, Simple Design
- Command Air 1/2-3?hp Single and Two-Stage Compressors Used with Sprinkler Systems
- A-Series 7.5-40?hp Industrial Air Compressor Pumps and Boosters


Rotary Screw Compressors

Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors:

NEW! RotorChamp High Endurance,
Single-Stage 5-20 hp

5-200 hp Choose from a wide variety of compressors to fit all your needs from part load to full load applications, low purchase price to the greatest in energy efficiency, direct or belt driven to direct connected. Check out the RotorChamp compressors by Champion


Oil-Less Reciprocating Compressors:

- MTO-II 3/4-5?hp Single-Stage, Oil-less Air Compressors Used in Healthcare, Laboratories, and Instrumental Applications
- V & W Series 5-15?hp Single and Two-Stage Air Compressors for Industrial and Institutional Facilities
- Medical Our approach to medical compressor system design is unique. Rather than offering a single, large system, we offer smaller, multiple-compressor units connected to a single air receiver.


Nitrogen Advantage Generator


Material Safety Data Sheets




Oil/Water Separator



Climate Control:

Champion?s Climate Control Compressors are known worldwide for trouble-free operation, long life and built-in efficiencies you can count on to keep it operating smoothly.



Sample Compressors:



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